Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Governor prioritizes BB update in his statement on recycling priorites

On December 11th the Patrick Administration released a statement which outlines its recycling priorities. In this statement the administration committed to maintaining the incinerator ban in Massachusetts and to aggressively push reduction and recycling measures. Among these measures is the update to the Bottle Bill.

Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Ian Bowles said, "The Administration urges approval of an expanded bottle bill to cover water and sports drink bottles, which will reduce litter, increase recycling rates for containers from the fastest-growing segment of beverages, and provide additional resources to support local recycling efforts."

MASSPIRG applauds the push by the administration to update the Bottle Bill and hopes the legislature will make this a priority early in 2010As executive director of MASSPIRG Janet Domenitz stated in response to the administration’s announcement, "Maintaining the incinerator moratorium, increasing recycling, updating the Bottle Bill, and the additional measures Sec. Bowles and the Governor are committing to mean a healthy and happy new year for citizens from the Berkshires to Boston and beyond."

Click here for the link to the governor's full statement