Friday, June 15, 2012

Wolf to Keep Fighting for Bottle Bill Vote

From State House News Service, 6/15/2012

After a bill to expand the state’s bottle redemption program to include additional beverage containers was sent to study Thursday, Rep. Alice Wolf said she'll continuing to fight for a floor vote. The Cambridge Democrat and House Elder Affairs Committee chair, who is giving up her seat at the end of her term, said she wasn’t surprised the bill was sent to study and that advocates “will be trucking on” in the effort. “We’re not folding up our tent. We’ll be continuing our work to bring it to the floor,” Wolf said, adding that the public demands the bill’s passage and many members are committed to seeing it through. When asked if that meant a recharged attempt next session, Wolf was adamant that she would try to get a vote on the bill before the end of formal sessions next month. “I’m not going to be around next session. We’re not talking about next session. We’re going to keep working because you can pull things out of studies, too,” Wolf said. Wolf said that a ballot question on expanding the bottle program, a tactic that advocates abandoned in favor of a legislative approach this year, is still an option for the future. “The updated bottle bill will become law in one way or the other, hopefully this year and if not, maybe next year,” she said.  The bill's critics compare the added deposit cost on beverages to a tax, say retailers will have difficulty handling higher volumes of returnables, and believe expanded curbside recycling efforts are a better way to decrease litter.

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