Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Update the Massachusetts Bottle Bill

The Bottle Bill is the state’s most successful recycling and litter prevention program. Since the Bottle Bill's inception in 1983, over 30 billion containers have been redeemed, contributing to a healthier environment, cleaner and safer communities, and a stronger economy. But to keep up with the times and consumer’s tastes, the bottle bill must be updated.

An Updated Bottle Bill would expand our container deposit system to include “new age” drinks such as non-carbonated beverages, water, iced tea, juice, and sports drinks. It would decrease litter - and increase recycling. It would add up to $20 million to state revenue via projected unclaimed deposits.

An estimated 1.3 billion “new-age” beverages are consumed annually in Massachusetts, and this number is only expected to increase. As consumers purchase more of these beverages, an increasing number of containers are finding their way to landfills.

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