Monday, October 20, 2014

LTE 10/10: Sixth Grader: Yes on bottle bill is a vote for the next generation

From the Lowell Sun
I'm not old enough to vote, but this is what my sixth-grade class wants in their future. Don't make us wait until we are old enough to take action ourselves. Take action now.
The present bottle bill is good, but our plan for the future is better. The present bottle bill requires containers of carbonated beverages to be returnable for five cents. It doesn't cover containers of noncarbonated beverages like water, tea, or sports drinks.
The new bottle bill that people will vote for will help us use less plastic. There will be less money for trash service from the city. It helps us make a cleaner environment, such as cleaner highways and nonpolluted oceans.
If you start recycling and refunding bottles and paper, they can turn into reliable resources people may need in the future.
Please vote for the bottle bill.

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