Monday, October 20, 2014

PR 10/2: Big Beverage Companies Still Don't Get It

From Yes On 2

Big Beverage Companies Still Don’t Get It:
Lying to Voters In TV Ads Will Not Work

YES on 2 Will Reduce Litter, Increase Recycling and Save Cities and Towns Millions in Clean-Up Costs Despite Opponent’s Claims

(BOSTON)--The big beverage company opponents to the bottle bill, increasingly facing pressure because of the credibility problems in their TV ads, today revealed they are changing their ad—a minor change that still leaves the ad far short of any minimum level of credibility.

The “STOP Litter: YES on 2” campaign today blasted the continuing problems with the ad. The ad states that 90 percent of the state has access to easy, curbside recycling. According to state officials, that number is flatly wrong.

“In a new low even for them, the big, out of state beverage companies pouring millions of dollars into the airwaves have been caught lying to voters. After grassroots organizations filed a complaint with TV stations earlier this week citing FCC guidelines on credibility, the No on 2 campaign has apparently changed its TV ad, proven now to have contained incorrect and false information,” said Janet Domenitz, executive director of MASSPIRG and coalition member of YES on 2.   

“Sadly, for the voters, it seems the anti-clean environment folks are still trying to mislead even as they try to cover their tracks. The facts are a YES vote on 2 will increase our recycling, and get the littered bottles out of our parks and ball fields.

“No on 2 is a front for big bottlers and beverage companies, while Yes on 2 is a coalition that includes Sierra Club, Mass Audubon, League of Women Voters, mayors, park rangers,  small businesses, and more. Yes on 2 stands for less litter and more recycling. Big beverage companies ---the No on 2 crowd---don’t care about recycling or bottled water litter, they care about their own deep pockets,” Domenitz added.

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